Superior quality in every detail of construction ensures an unparalleled standard of excellence from the inside out.

Designing and Constructing a building in Indonesia and especially in Bali can be quite challenging.

Following the local administrational rules and applying for the building permit requires experience which TIGA KOTAK can provide.

We are building in Indonesia for many years and therefore have access to all necessary sources to make this process smooth and hassle free for our clients. TIGA KOTAK is based on a solid foundation based on trust, honor and unshakable ethics with local authorities.

Being effective means reducing time and cost for our clients.

We created TIGA KOTAK for one reason, because we work very well together as a team.

Each single person of our team brings in expertise in different fields.

We believe our clients should enjoy the process of constructing their property instead of having sleepless nights.

We understand our clients in their feeling when creating a vision. A property is like a child, it needs attention and careful guidance so it can grow. We want our clients being able to chose their level of involvment in this growing process.

In most cases clients start their project with finding the architect.
He starts designing the building and during this process the clients need to find a contractor.
The architect will recommend several contractors he has experienced to work with.
In most cases he already knows which contractor is the one that can translate his drawings into reality.

We are taking this step further. We already are one big team.
From day one of the design process our team works as one.
So even our first predesign will already come with information about cost effectiveness.
Once the client agrees to a design, our team will make sure that construction can start immediately.

Very simply said - time and cost saving do matter when it comes to effective project development.